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The Concept of Toilet Paper Spray:
A background in personal care
and an interest in bathroom hygiene

Feb 23, 2020
<b>WC Tonics</b></br>The Concept of Toilet Paper Spray:</br>A background in personal care</br>and an interest in bathroom hygiene

In 2007, I was the Health & Beauty Buyer at GNC. One of the brands that I worked with was introducing cucumber witch hazel. I remember saying "That sounds refreshing." The owner implied that it was not just for your face. I forgot how she said it, but I took it that she was saying to use it in the bathroom. So I tried it on toilet paper. And I never looked back!

I used witch hazel on toilet paper at home. I had a bottle at my parents' house for when I would visit. My mom tried it, and then bought it for every bathroom in the house. She has been using it for over ten years. I also keep a bottle at my friends' homes that I visit a couple times a year. Because once you try it, dry toilet paper no longer feels adequate. 

Even though this was part of my bathroom hygiene for over ten years, it was not a business idea until my friend and co-creator pointed out the news about fatbergs and reports that wipes should not be flushed. I had no idea that wipes were a $2.2 billion business and that the damage to sewage systems is costing cities like New York over $18 million a year to deal with sewage back ups and to repair plant equipment that has been damaged by non-flushable items.

I have never understood the wipes, because I had my witch hazel. Witch hazel, aloe, and cucumber are refreshing, soothing, and cleansing. I understand that many people use wipes, but I believe that they will prefer spraying their toilet paper.

So we decided to create a formula that is ideal for this purpose, adding chamomile and calendula to the formula. It took many samples to get to the right consistency, scent, and making sure the there is no stinging. And then we put it in a spray bottle to control how much mist to spray onto toilet paper. The packaging design was with a goal of looking nice in your bathroom and to be discreet as to what it is. 

That is the story of Tonic No2. We hope that you love it as much as we do! We have a lot in the works - a new site, a refill size, and new scents. Follow us to get updates.


Angie Walker

CEO & Co-Founder, WC Tonics

  • Feb 23, 2020
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